Generative AI landscape

At Remagine Ventures, we’ve been interested in tools for content creation, distribution and monesation from day one. While we called it ‘Synthetic media’, or ‘Creative Automation’, we made our first generative AI investment in 2019, writing the first cheque for Hour One, the company building foundational models for text to video based on human and animated avatars. We’ve since invested in 8 more Israeli startups leveraging generative AI or building foundational models.

So much has happened in the generative AI space globally, and in Israel since we published the previous version of the Israeli generative AI landscape, in April 2023. We’ve seen new foundational models, open source LLMs and all sorts of new companies building the co-pilots for every category. The technology is advancing at a breathtaking pace and it’s enough to look at Hugging Face’s LLM leaderboard to understand that generative AI is much more than just ChatGPT.

The current Israeli Gen AI landscape includes 144 companies (more than double the 67 companies included in our previous version) and the total amount raised by Israeli generative AI up to September 21st 2023, reached $2.3 billion. We are excited to continue to be the first backers of Israeli founders re-inventing the future with generative AI.

You can read more about our areas of interest in generative AI on our blog, VC Cafe or via the Remagine Ventures Pulse, our monthly newsletter.